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We're serious about pizza
...and supporting a great cause!

Unique, creative, and flavorful pizzas are our passion! Throughout our time in the restaurant industry, we never wanted to offer just your ordinary pizza options and we’ve continued that philosophy in the frozen pizza business as well. We currently offer 28 varieties in our frozen pizza line, including regular crust, thin crust, and gluten-free options. And who knows, we’re always thinking about the next pizza to come out – so give us your thoughts about what you’d like to see! 


In addition to frozen pizzas, we also offer soups, cookies, donuts, and fruit crisps. All of these items are sold on our fundraising program and in addition to being delicious – can also earn a lot of money for your organization!

Fundraising should be easy!


We travel far and wide across Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota to simplify fundraising for your organization.  Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider Ole & Lena's for your next fundraiser:

  • No minimum sales requirements

  • All items sold for fundraisers come packed to each seller’s order for fast and easy delivery

  • No extra delivery fees

  • We deliver to your location

  • And most importantly, you keep the funds your organization earns immediately! 

Your Next Fundraiser

If your organization is looking for a simple, yet effective way to generate revenue, connect with us!

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